Season 1

1.1 The pilot

1.2 Blobby's birthday

1.3 Two heads are worser than one

1.4 get's real

1.5 Green vs alien part I

1.6 Green vs alien part II

1.7 and robert james Cross over part I

1.8 and robert james Cross over part II

1.9 monster

1.10 Blobby's summer (Two show cross over)

Season 2

2.1 in the big adventure

2.2's big musical special

2.3's new pet

2.4's christmas special

2.5 (movie)

2.6's road trip

2.7 Blobby came back

2.8 Ask blobby

2.9's anniversery disaster

2.10 Lost on the coast of green

Season 3

3.1 Bye bye blobby

3.2 Sad sad day

3.3 Hittin' the big time

3.4 Groblenose quits

3.5 Having some christmas fun

3.6 What did i do

3.7 Heroes

3.8 Not so much of a happy birthday

3.9 Meeting a ghost

3.10 Could be the end

Season 4

4.1 Blobby is back baby

4.2 Mr. green 2 (sequel)

4.3 Mr. blue vs Mr. green

4.4 The worlds biggest adventure

4.5 What goes around comes around again and again and again

4.6 The ladies

4.7 Meeting glodelnose

4.8 Life of luxury

4.9 Blobbys annoying cousins

4.10 Finding Fishy Mcfish

Season 5

5.1 Un-marriage (part |)

5.2 Running away (part ||)

5.3 Police are envolved (part |||

5.4 Re-marriage (part IV)

5.5 Assasian

5.6 Mr. green 3 (3rd sequel)

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